Microtex Products Inc. Firemizer Heat Grid FM1420

Microtex Products Inc. #ad - Microtex Products Inc. Firemizer Heat Grid FM1420 #ad - Several independent university tests have demonstrated that Firemizer reduces fuel usage up to 33% and minimizes creosote in the chimney by up to 57%. This patented product is not catalytic and does not contain chemicals but it slows the air flow to reduce the burn rate and it conducts heat evenly across the fire to ensure all fuel is burnt and that small pieces of fuel do not fall through the grate.

Firemizer is simply placed on the grate under a wood or coal fuel. It is easily dusted off and it works for about 500 hours. Firemizer is a special mesh of stainless steel alloy fibers designed to optimize the performance of fireplaces.

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Caframo Firemizer, 16" x 11.5"

MicroTex 8360FMSEN #ad - Maximizing the length and efficiency of the burn means less ash to dispose of after the fire. The fire stays hotter for longer whichmeans it requires less stoking and refuelling. Place the firemizer on the base of the grate or fireplace, build the fire on top as normal and enjoy warm fire and fuel savings.

The practical benefitsof this include spreading the heat across the base of your fire so fuel burns more consistently throughout the burn. Creosote build up is reduced by 57% resulting in a clean efficient burn and no chemicals. Developed and manufactured in the UK by Microtex Products, Limited and in the USA by Microtex Products, Inc.

The firemizer is a uniquely patented product made up of a special blend of stainless steel alloys that are patentedand welded together to create a flexible grid which is placed on the base of your stove, grate or hearth. Once in place, firemizer reduces the burn rate and spreads the heat evenly across your fire to ensure all of the fuel is burn thoroughly, enablingyou to enjoy your perfect fire for longer and cut costs on firewood and coal.

Caframo Firemizer, 16" x 11.5" #ad - Independent tests have all shown that using Firemizer can save you up to 38% on your fuel costs and can last up to 500 hours. Up to 38% savings on amount of wood burned with the Firemizer mean more efficient fuel use. Limits particulate emissions by up to 72Percent. Firemizer is 100% recyclable and lasts up to 500 hours per grid - can also be cut and customized to size of fireplace.

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